Twin Tracking of Plans

There has been a lot said about the benefit of the Neighbourhood Plan and the New Local Plan below are a few notes about the two working together and some of the benefits and risks. Hopefully this will help explain some of the responsibilities of the two.


-For local people to have a greater say about planning in their area
-Local + Neighbourhood Plans = Development Plan with teeth
-Local Plan does not allocate sites. Seen as meaningful role for Neighbourhood Plans.
-Opportunity to identify sites and nature of viable development should not be missed


-With opportunity comes responsibility
-If Neighbourhood Plan doesn’t identify sites, the Local Plan may fail
-If Local Plan fails, so will Neighbourhood Plan
-Local Plan identification of sites with planning permission or previously allocated helps reduce risk in first 5 years

Neighbourhood Plans – duty

-To promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of the area
-Must be in general conformity with the Local Plan and/or NPPF
-Must equal or exceed level of change / growth in Local Plan

Structure of Neighbourhood Plan

-Context:  history and nature of area; big issues
-Projects: ‘community pride’ / quality of place projects
-Sites / buildings: particularly in focus areas (e.g. Torquay Gateway)
-Policy: additional policy / detail to add to Local Plan

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