St James Neighbourhood Plan

We’re not the only place developing a plan. St James in Exeter have been working on for a while now too and you can download their draft below. As you can see it’s quite well developed and pretty detailed. St James Park is obviously a smaller area than Torquay but there are definitely elements we could apply to the two focus areas. Take a look and see what elements you like, is it easy to read, do you think we could achieve something similar?

St James Exeter

One thought on “St James Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Pat Bishop

    St James Exeter – initial inspection of document produced is impressive – Torbay is a much larger task. I would like to know if their Council had any input into supporting their community events and publication of report. We do need to do something similar, but who is going to pay for it? Perhaps the Princes’ Foundation can advise us.

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