Referendum 2nd May 2019

On May 2nd 2019 The Torquay Neighbourhood Plan will be put to a Referendum..

You can view the full and final submitted plan via the link below:

The Torquay Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Who are we ……..

A group of volunteer residents from each of the 9 Community Partnerships.  We are all residents who live and work in Torquay and some of us run our own business’, some of us work locally, some are retired, some are parents with young children and some are un‑employed, but we are all part of Our Community and want to see Torquay thrive and to retain, maintain and protect our beautiful environment – now and in the future. 

How did the Plan come about ……..

We were tasked with developing a Neighbourhood Plan on how we, the people of Torquay, want to see our town develop over the next 30 years.  We formed the Torquay Neighbourhood Forum and along with other representatives from interest groups such as local business’, tourism, etc including a number of Torbay Councillors we got to work together to produce Our Plan.

We started working within the community … each of the Community Partnerships consulted with local residents by holding public meetings and circulating questionnaires in order to gather residents views and identified the requirements, wishes and aspirations from each Ward.

We sought guidance from professional bodies such as The Princes Foundation and consulted with Torbay Council on statistical data for job requirements, local housing needs and numbers, health issues and education needs.

What IS the Plan ……..

The plan identifies where housing sites should and shouldn’t be sited, the amount of new and regenerated housing that should be developed and the types of housing which residents will require now and in the future.   

We have identified prospective employment sites and where there is a need for new schools.  We have identified aspirations and made recommendations on how Torquay town centre might be restructured and we made suggestions on existing and future local transport needs.  If accepted by you it will form a major policy document for determining planning applications.

A major part of Our Plan has been to protect the environment that we all live in. We have identified 99 local Green Spaces throughout Torquay that, if Our Plan is accepted by you, will be allocated the ‘Green Space Award’ protection.  The 99 green spaces are made up of existing play parks, recreation areas, allotments, coastal areas and sports grounds. Unless these green spaces are protected now, there is a possibility that their continued existence could be in doubt in the future

Designated Green Spaces

Policy TE2: Local Green Spaces

The areas listed below, shown in detail on the Neighbourhood Plan Policies Maps, are designated as areas of Local Green Space, where development is ruled out, other than in very special circumstances.

Very special circumstances may include the provision of a new railway station at Edginswell, the provision of a new structure providing a café, beach facilities and toilets at Hollicombe Park. In addition, minor improvements to community access, or facilities that support their use for public recreation or amateur sports, or development allowing reasonable small extensions in a style that reflects the setting and the local area which would be consistent with the LGS designation, will be supported.

Map Ref Local Green Space Name
TLGSB1 Barton Downs
TLGSB2 Brunel Woods
TLGSB3 Firlands Green
TLGSB4 Great Hill
TLGSB5 Steps Cross Playing Field
TLGSB6 Woodend Project
TLGSC1 Armada Park
TLGSC2 Ashfield Gardens
TLGSC3 Cockington Country Park
TLGSC4 Corbyns  Head
TLGSC5 Crownhill Park
TLGSC6 Goshen Triangle
TLGSC7 Highlands/Sherwell Valley Allotments
TLGSC8 Hollicombe Park
TLGSC9 John Coad Park (Innerbrook/Sandford Green Space)
TLGSC10 Kings Gardens
TLGSC11 Occombe Farm
TLGSC12 Piggeries Green Space
TLGSC13 Preston Primary School Play Park
TLGSC14 Rocket Park
TLGSC15 Sherwell Park
TLGSC16 Sherwell Valley/Grenville Green Space (Markham Plantation)
TLGSC17 St Matthews Field
TLGSC18 Torre Valley North & South Sports Fields
TLGSC19 Rugby/Cricket Club & Bowling Club
TLGSC20 Two Parks
TLGSC21 Victoria Park
TLGSC22 Hollicombe Brake
TLGSC23 Scadson Valley Green Space
TLGSE1 Belmont Park
TLGSE2 Brewery Park
TLGSE3 Castle Road Park
TLGSE4 Ellacombe Park
TLGSE5 Quinta/Windsor Road Allotments
TLGSE6 Stentiford Hill Park
TLGSE7 Warberry Copse
TLGSH1 Cricket Field Playing Field
TLGSH2 Daison Wood
TLGSH3 Truro Bank
TLGSH4 Windmill Hill Playing Fields
TLGSM1 Babbacombe Downs
TLGSM2 Brunel Manor Gardens & Grounds
TLGSM3 Cary Park
TLGSM4 Easterfield Playing Fields
TLGSM5 Glen Sannox Memorial Gardens
TLGSM6 Hartop Road Allotments
TLGSM7 Haytor Park
TLGSM8 The Fields
TLGSM9 Maidencombe Community Orchard
TLGSM10 Maidencombe Village Green
TLGSM11 Millenium Copse
TLGSM12 Petitor Downs
TLGSM13 Quinta Road Allotments
TLGSM14 Quinta Road School Playing Fields
TLGSM15 Plainmoor Recreation Ground
TLGSM16 Tessier Gardens
TLGSM17 The Grove
TLGSM18 King George V Memorial Playing Fields
TLGSM19 The Rose Garden
TLGSM20 Valley of the Rocks
TLGSM21 Walls Hill
TLGSM22 Walls Hill Slopes
TLGSM23 William’s Field
TLGSS1 Cadewell Park Green
TLGSS2 Darwin Park
TLGSS3 Ellacombe Plantation
TLGSS4 Exe Hill Green Space & Playground
TLGSS5 Furzebrake Plantation
TLGSS6 Green Space at Newton Road
TLGSS7 Huntacott Way Green Space & Playground
TLGSS8 Kitson Park
TLGSS9 Lindisfarne Park
TLGSS10 Lloyd Avenue Village Green
TLGSS11 Monserrat Rise, Barton/Willows
TLGSS12 Riviera Way Woodland
TLGSS13 Shiphay Park
TLGSS14 South Parks Allotments
TLGSS15 Beechfield Allotments
TLGST1 Cary Green
TLGST2 Promenade; Princess Gardens & the Sunken Gardens
TLGST3 Royal Terrace Gardens (Rock Walk)
TLGST4 Abbey Park and Meadows
TLGST5 Old Maids Perch
TLGSTU1 Brunswick Square
TLGSTU2 Chapel Woods
TLGSTU3 Memorial Gardens
TLGSTU4 Parkfield Road Gardens
TLGSTU5 Stantaway Hill & Allotments
TLGSTU6 Torre Churchyard
TLGSTU7 Upton Park
TLGSW1 Daddyhole Plain
TLGSW2 Ilsham Valley
TLGSW3 Lincombe Woods
TLGSW4 Manor Gardens
TLGSW5 St Johns Wood
TLGSW6 Stoodley Knowle Meadow
TLGSW7 Thatcher Pines & Thatcher Point
TLGSW8 Torwood Gardens
TLGSW9 Wellswood Green