St James Neighbourhood Plan

We’re not the only place developing a plan. St James in Exeter have been working on for a while now too and you can download their draft below. As you can see it’s quite well developed and pretty detailed. St James Park is obviously a smaller area than Torquay but there are definitely elements we […]

Twin Tracking of Plans

There has been a lot said about the benefit of the Neighbourhood Plan and the New Local Plan below are a few notes about the two working together and some of the benefits and risks. Hopefully this will help explain some of the responsibilities of the two. Opportunity -For local people to have a greater […]

Next Meeting

The next meeting is taking place on the 29th October at the usual time of 6:30pm at Torbay Yacht Club. We will be covering the latest developments of our plan, reviewing the New Local Plan and Suzie Masterman of the Torbay Development (TDA) will be discussing the Tor Bay Harbours Masterplan. The full agenda can […]

Local Plan Feedback

It’s very important that we feed back to the council what our thoughts are on the Draft Local Plan. The Forum will collate all responses to give our ‘official’ position. To do so please read the documents and fill out the feedback form, all of which can be located here.

Community Plans

The draft plans for the two focus groups and the for 5 of the community partnerships are available in the downloads section. This is the first chance to comment on what the groups have been working on. There is still an opportunity for these to be changed and refined or have new ideas added. This […]

Prince’s Foundation

We have been given the good news that the Prince’s Foundation has been given more funding from the government which will enable them to provide us with more support. They have already been fantastic with helping us out two times already and are looking to spend a further week with us, probably some time in […]

Jobs and Housing

Two of the most pertinent issues in any planning document are those of Jobs and Housing. Notice the order I placed them in? This is the strategy that Torbay Council hope to apply, we obtain jobs for people first and then build them houses. The big questions are always where do they go and how […]

Landscape for Success

Torbay Council’s long awaited draft of the new local plan has been published. This will help set out the direction Torbay takes over the next 20 years and provides a strategic overview for the three towns. Our Neighbourhood Plan will sit as document specifically for Torquay and help to provide greater detail on some of […]

Torbay Business Forum

The next meeting of the Torbay Business Forum takes place next Thursday. Fortunately it doesn’t clash with our own Jobs and Housing meeting as it will take place from 10:30am until 12:30. The agenda, previous minutes and a parking pass can be found below. Agenda, Minutes, Car Pass