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Thanks to everyone for all their help in preparing and distributing the leaflet. Has been a cold few days but hopefully we are getting the message out there as move in to taking the plans to the next step.

Neighbourhood Plan Leaflet

Over the last few weeks we have been drawing together the information and plans to date and trying to make it engaging and presentable. This hardwork has produced the leaflet below which is our first stage of consultation. Do you agree with it? If not, why not? Let us know your views. This is only a draft, we want to get more ideas and more detail in but we can’t do it without your help and remember to spread the word.

Torquay NP Leaflet


We’re not the only ones working with The Prince’s Foundation, Paignton are too. This week there are a number of events as they look to get more ideas and shape their plan. This is exactly the sort of thing we will be doing in three weeks time. Here is a press article about it all.

Prince’s Foundation

We have been given the good news that the Prince’s Foundation has been given more funding from the government which will enable them to provide us with more support. They have already been fantastic with helping us out two times already and are looking to spend a further week with us, probably some time in November. They will be helping to refine our ideas and how we can put them into a document. Additionally they will aid in consultation ideas and engaging with local people to help get buy in from the community. We look forward to working with them once again.

Castle Circus

Castle Circus is an area that has been identified in the Neighbourhood Plan as an area that needs improvement. Torquay Town Centre Company are giving retailers an opportunity to have a stall outside Town Hall as part of a scheme to make the area more vibrant, populated and better utilised. If you are interested see the attached press release for details.

Castle Circus Press Release

Forum Application

We are now entering the final stages of being formally recognised as the Neighbourhood Forum for Torquay. In this weeks Herald Express, Torbay Council has advertised our application (alongside Paignton’s and Brixham’s) as required by the regulations. There is a 6 week consultation period where members of the public are able to contact the council to either support or oppose the application. Our application as voted on by the Forum and the council’s application notice can be viewed below:

Torquay Application Area & Forum
Neighbourhood Planning Application Notice