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Next Meeting

Happy New Year to all of you ! subtle reminder to everyone that the next meeting is at 6.30pm on Monday 7th January in the Grace Murrell suite  at the Rivieria International Conference Centre.

Can you afford to miss decisions which may have a lasting effect on Torquay?

“Doing nothing is not an option”

See you there on Monday !

Chair of TNP


Thanks to everyone for all their help in preparing and distributing the leaflet. Has been a cold few days but hopefully we are getting the message out there as move in to taking the plans to the next step.


Torquay Neighbourhood Plan
English Riviera International Conference Centre
3rd December   6.00 pm-9.00 pm

1.   Apologies & Housekeeping         5 mins

2.  Overview of Torquay Neighbourhood Plan to date  15 mins

3.  Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans relationship – overview  Pat Steward  30 mins

4.  Princes Foundation     Tom Perry  30 mins

5.   Princes Foundation/Torquay Neighbourhood Plan   Questions and Answers  60 mins

Neighbourhood Plan Leaflet

Over the last few weeks we have been drawing together the information and plans to date and trying to make it engaging and presentable. This hardwork has produced the leaflet below which is our first stage of consultation. Do you agree with it? If not, why not? Let us know your views. This is only a draft, we want to get more ideas and more detail in but we can’t do it without your help and remember to spread the word.

Torquay NP Leaflet


We’re not the only ones working with The Prince’s Foundation, Paignton are too. This week there are a number of events as they look to get more ideas and shape their plan. This is exactly the sort of thing we will be doing in three weeks time. Here is a press article about it all.

Princes Foundation

Don’t forget everyone that the Prince’s Foundation are coming down to help us once again. They have been very helpful so far and given us good feedback and steered us in the right direction. They will be there for our next meeting on Monday 3rd December at the RICC. This will be followed by workshops on the Tuesday and Wednesday where the Princes Foundation will be working more directly with the Town Centre and Gateway groups to help develop our ideas. They will then present to us their findings which will should make sure we are pointing in the right direction for the remainder of the process.

Town Centre Sites

We have already published the document highlighting the areas we would like to see developed in the town centre. Attached is a draft map which makes it easier to locacate the sites and see their relationships to each other. We will develop further maps and plans for the other parts of the plan to help make things nice and clear for everyone.

Town Centre Map