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The report by Nigel McGurk the independent examiner of our Plan has now been published on the Council’s web site.
The report upholds 98 out of our 100 Local Green Space designations (Policy TE4) but removes the heart and soul from our Plan by taking out our communities’ aspirations and all of the policies that would have made Torquay ‘the best place to work, live and visit in the West’ – our overriding objective.
Rest assured we have already started the challenge to his report and the process of examination as independent advice seems to confirm our view that there are apparently major issues of compliance with NPIERS guidance, planning policy and case law.


The recording of the TNP Hearing is available to hear and down load from the Council’s web site and can be found via the following link.






Invitation to Torquay Neighbourhood Plan – Public Hearing

 Torbay Council, Torquay Neighbourhood Forum, Natural England, Torbay Development Agency (Estates and Housing) and Mr JG Thomas to speak at the Hearing as invited by Mr McGurk.
By the request of the Independent Examiner, Mr Nigel McGurk, you are invited to participate in a Public Hearing relating to the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan.
The Public Hearing will take place at 09.30am on Monday 14th May 2018 at The Imperial Torquay, Park Hill Road, Torquay, TQ1 2DG.
The purpose of the Public Hearing is to allow the Independent Examiner to hear oral evidence from invited participants to assist with his examination of the Torquay Neighbourhood Plan.
A Neighbourhood Plan Hearing is not the same as a public inquiry or an examination in public for a Local Plan. Rather, it is held at the discretion of the Independent Examiner, who will limit it to the consideration of specific matters that he determines necessary, in line with relevant legal requirements. The Independent Examiner will set out how the Public Hearing will run at the beginning of the day. 
The public are invited to attend and such attendance is welcomed. However, questions will only be put to, and participation will be restricted to, invited participants.
The subject matters to be considered at the Public Hearing are determined by the Independent Examiner. An Agenda will be provided no later than one week before the day of the Hearing. The Independent Examiner is not inviting pre-Hearing statements or any further written submissions and requests that you rely upon your written representations as submitted to Torbay Council.
I trust you will find this information helpful.  The Torbay Council Neighbourhood Planning web pages will be regularly updated.

Local Plan

Thanks to strategic planning for providing us with this update on the progress of the Council’s Local Plan.

‘Ahead of Monday’s meeting it is important to inform you that, today, a press release has been issued by the Council regarding the progress of the Local Plan. This can be viewed here –


Further information can be found on the Council’s Local Plan Examination webpage here – This includes the latest correspondence between the Council and the Inspector. For ease, I have listed direct links to the correspondence:


  • PH/16    Email from PINS to Torbay Council and attachment (letter) from Examination Inspector (PINS / Keith Holland, Inspector, 14 May 2015):


  • PH/17   Email to PINS and attachments (letter and Council Report) from Torbay Council Examination (Torbay Council, 18 May 2015):


  • PH/18   Email from PINS to Torbay Council and attachment (letter) from Examination Inspector (PINS/Keith Holland, Inspector, 21 May 2015):


In summary, the Council will be issuing some revised modifications to the Local Plan (withdrawing the previous set of Proposed Modifications). These will be advertised for consultation between Monday 22 June and Monday 3 August (6 weeks). The revised modifications will include a slightly shorter plan period and a small reduction in the level of growth compared to the Proposed Modifications. This will have some impact in terms of the level of growth planned for in Torquay – i.e. some potential neighbourhood plan sites highlighted in the latest modifications will not feature in the latest modifications.’


We have a busy meeting coming up with lots now to be discussed and decided, you can read the agenda here.

Date: June 8th 6.30-8pm

 Community Development Trust Offices, 4-8 Temperance Street, Torquay TQ2 5PU. Tel. No: 01803 212638

Local Plan

The Council has now placed additional information regarding the Local Plan Examination on its website at The Council has now placed additional information regarding the Local Plan Examination on its website at
Namely the information concerns all of the representations which were made regarding the Modifications that were proposed and the Council’s response to them. All this information has been provided to the Inspector and we await his response. The documents can be directly accessed via the Examination Library document –

Forthcoming Meetings

The Venue for all meetings is at the Community Development Trust Offices, 4-8 Temperance Street, Torquay TQ2 5PU. Tel. No: 01803 212638, unless specified
Monday 11th May – Public Meeting – Venue: Grace Murrell Room, Riviera International Conference Centre. Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm
You can read the agenda/Here
Monday 8th June – Steering Group Meeting
Monday 6th July – Steering Group Meeting
Monday 10th August – Steering Group Meeting
Monday 7th September – Steering Group Meeting
Monday 5th October- Steering Group Meeting
Monday 2nd November – Steering Group Meeting
Monday 7th December – Steering Group Meeting
Members of the public are welcome to attend the steering group meetings.